• NablaPlatinum

      Exclusive dresses composed of delicate, flowy materials, hand-decorated with stones and subtle lace. Available in fashionable shades of ecru, nude, off white and powder pink.

    • NablaKoral

      Elegant dresses in which properties of modern fabrics are enhanced with subtle details, accentuating cleavages, shoulders and waist.

    • NablaAquamarine

      Delicate, translucent dresses, designed for woman who value elegance. The simplicity of classical cuts is broken down by luxurious lace and decorative elements that give the whole dress a sophisticated character.

    • NablaMalachite

      Delicate, ethereal dresses that entrance with their simplicity of the form and classical line. Transparent, flowing materials and subtle lace that break the tone of sophistication, and elegant materials that enhance the figure.

    • NablaQuartz

      Sophisticated dresses, encrusted with  luxurious lace and stones, based on translucent, ethereal materials. Properties of modern fabrics enhance the figure and simple, elegant lines tones perfectly with decorative details.